IDEA Calendar Painting #2

I did a second painting for the IDEA program’s 2012 Reflections Vancouver calendar. This one is of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s courthouse building. It’s acrylic 30″ x 24″.

Here’s my process work:

and here’s the final version with some minor changes:

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Granville Island

Below are watercolour illustrations of Granville Island for a tourism brochure for class. The smaller ones are spot illustrations for inside the brochure.

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The Metamorphosis of BC’s Economy

For my digital illustration class my project was based on the Georgia Straight article about the NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen and his support of legalizing marijuana in BC. He believes it’s the most important issue in BC and the taxation of marijuana would be taking advantage of the “biggest economic engine of the province.” My cover illustration shows Larsen’s view point depicted in a diagrammatic approach, representing BC’s flourishing economy. The colours are a bit off in this image but this is the gist of it.

Made in Illustrator CS5.

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Maybe Next Time, Paul

The Beatles (or almost all of them) were my subjects for 3 acrylic paintings I did in different artistic styles.

John Lennon:  style of artist Caravaggio.

George Harrison: Looking snazzy in his Sgt. Peppers outfit in the style of Renoir.

Ringo Starr: warped into the unsettling style of Francis Bacon.

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my friend sean penn

For typography class I created a portrait of Sean Penn because he’s awesome. Apparently he’s big on smoking so I made sure to add the cigarette.

Below is a poster I made for typography class. Influenced by Swiss design.

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IDEA Calendar painting

I recently finished working on a painting for the 2012 IDEA program calendar. It’s an acrylic painting of Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver. Here’s my painting’s process – sorry for the blurry photos, I blame it on my phone.

and it’s done!

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David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen

The David Suzuki Foundation is trying to raise awareness of harmful toxins found in many personal care products like shampoo, face wash, toothpaste, and perfume. These toxins, called the Dirty Dozen, are labeled but we still don’t know what they mean or how the can affect us.
For class, I created an informational booklet targeted towards moms. It explains some Dirty Dozen chemicals found in children’s bath products and gives especially harmful brands to avoid. Also, it lets moms know how the government does not have health standards for the Dirty Dozen chemical ingredients, nor regulations to disclose their damaging effects on people. There is a petition the reader can sign and send in to help put a stop to this. If you’re interested in learning more or signing a petition, go to

My project’s below. The illustrations are paper-cut which was a little time-consuming but I like the result!

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