2nd Year Projects

After a looong time of procrastinating blog updates, I finally gathered up some old second year projects (Sept. 2010-April 2011)  to post before I begin putting up my recent third year projects.

This a book jacket redesign called The Chocolate Connoisseur



This is a fictional poster advertising a Muse concert that raises money for the National Institute for the Blind:

Next is two infographics related to the 2011 Japan Earthquake.
The first one contains statistics about the earthquake itself:


The 2nd one contains stats about how much charities give back to the cause, and tips on how to not get scammed while donating.



Below are 2 ads for the fictional Checkers Laundry Service that does pick up and drop off service. These ads targeted students or young adults who don’t have their own laundry machines but also don’t want to spend their time at laundromats.



Below is my poster for the play 7 Stories by Morris Panych



Lastly, I designed an iPad magazine layout while considering navigation and content.
I chose to design the Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Beatles Songs magazine:


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4 Responses to 2nd Year Projects

  1. hey sarah! its connie from the spag, dude ure work is amazing!! i should ask you to create a header for my blog, it needs a major facelift LOL

    • saraheno says:

      Thanks Connie! It’s so nice to hear from you 🙂 I checked out your blog and there’s a lot of beautiful and delicious looking food on there! I’m thinking about trying out your Dulce de Leche Cheesecake bars too. I read a couple of your posts and it’s great to hear that you’re in Land and Food Systems faculty now…I’m sure you’ll do super well in that. As for your blog header…that would be fun to design or illustrate for sure! If you’re up for it just let me know what you want on it and I can put something together

  2. Jay Godse says:

    Wow! You are very obviously making the transition from student to pro. I can’t wait to see your more recent stuff.

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