Maybe Next Time, Paul

The Beatles (or almost all of them) were my subjects for 3 acrylic paintings I did in different artistic styles.

John Lennon:  style of artist Caravaggio.

George Harrison: Looking snazzy in his Sgt. Peppers outfit in the style of Renoir.

Ringo Starr: warped into the unsettling style of Francis Bacon.


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One Response to Maybe Next Time, Paul

  1. Jay Godse says:

    Very nice. My favourite is John Lennon in this posting. All three are very detailed, which is evident from looking at the full-blown pictures. I also like that you used a variety of styles. You seem to have nailed them all.

    Did you use the same layering techniques that you used for that bridge painting?

    Also, have you poked around the Google Art Project? They have some cool stuff there.

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