IDEA Calendar painting

I recently finished working on a painting for the 2012 IDEA program calendar. It’s an acrylic painting of Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver. Here’s my painting’s process – sorry for the blurry photos, I blame it on my phone.

and it’s done!


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4 Responses to IDEA Calendar painting

  1. Jay Godse says:

    Nice. You made it look so straightforward and simple. But how did you know where to start, and how did you know how to get it done in 7 layers?

    • saraheno says:

      Thank you, I had two very talented illustration teachers advising me which steps to do next. Most of it is just planning which areas will be overlapping, and leaving those until last.

  2. Rebecca Larder says:

    Sarah that is soo beautiful!! You have been doing amazing work lately!

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