George Harrison

Couldn’t leave George out. Now on to Ringo…


George Harrison

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Lennon & McCartney

With the Paul McCartney concert coming up this weekend, I’ve had The Beatles on my mind. Both are drawn in photoshop.


Paul McCartney


John Lennon

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Victoria Landscape

Here’s a watercolour landscape I painted based on a photo I took in Victoria, BC.
I haven’t painted in about a year so this was a good practice painting to get back
into the swing of things.

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RainCity Housing Ad Series

RainCity Housing is a Vancouver-based organization whose vision is “a home for every person.” They provide housing, programs, opportunity and change for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges.

This print ad series emphasizes that RainCity Housing actually creates positive change in the lives of the homeless. The ads inform people how their donations aid the homeless, and that their hard-earned money is going towards a trustworthy organization that is proven to work.


Want to see the ads at full size? Check them out on my website:

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2nd Year Projects

After a looong time of procrastinating blog updates, I finally gathered up some old second year projects (Sept. 2010-April 2011)  to post before I begin putting up my recent third year projects.

This a book jacket redesign called The Chocolate Connoisseur



This is a fictional poster advertising a Muse concert that raises money for the National Institute for the Blind:

Next is two infographics related to the 2011 Japan Earthquake.
The first one contains statistics about the earthquake itself:


The 2nd one contains stats about how much charities give back to the cause, and tips on how to not get scammed while donating.



Below are 2 ads for the fictional Checkers Laundry Service that does pick up and drop off service. These ads targeted students or young adults who don’t have their own laundry machines but also don’t want to spend their time at laundromats.



Below is my poster for the play 7 Stories by Morris Panych



Lastly, I designed an iPad magazine layout while considering navigation and content.
I chose to design the Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Beatles Songs magazine:

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Ellen Degeneres Caricature

A caricature of Ellen Degeneres for my illustration class.

The illustration would be sided with Ellen’s quote:
“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a  beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

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